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Ethnomusicologist, Assistant Professor, Chinese Culture university, Taipei, Taiwan


UPR 299 Centre d'Etudes Himalayennes, CNRS
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E-mail: fbernede@vjf.cnrs.fr


The work of Franck Bernede, who is a cellist and ethnomusicologist, focuses on music and ritual dances from the Himalayas. It is mainly axed around technical processes of divinisation of art in two contrasted geocultural areas, the Kathmandu Valley and regions of the Central Himalayas (Western Nepal and Indian Uttaranchal).

Founder and director of Singhini Research Centre, an association specialised in Himalayan cultures, Franck Bernede at present coordinates two research programmes within this organisation: the first concerns Gen Pyakhan, a traditional dance from the Kathmandu Valley. The second focuses on a comparative study of manuscripts related to Nasahdyoh worship, the Newar god of music and dance. In the framework of a project financed by the new Quai Branly museum, Franck Bernede is furthermore preparing a multimedia database on musical traditions and dances in the Himalayas.

Key words: ethno-musicology, music, trance, musical structures, epics, ritual dances, Newars, Nasahdyoh

Fieldwork: Himalaya, India, Uttaranchal, Nepal, the Kathmandu Valley

Main publications

– 1997, “ Music and Identity among the Maharjan Farmers ”, in Bernède, F. (ed.,) Himalayan Music, State of the Art, A special double issue of the European Bulletin of Himalayan Research, CNRS, Paris ; SOAS, London ; SAI, Heidelberg. pp 21-56.

– 1997b, Bardes de l’Himalaya, Epopées et Musique de Transe. CNR 2741080 [Le Chant du Monde, Collection by the CNRS and the Musée de L’Homme].

– 2002, "le geste divinisé : Regards sur la transe ritualisée au Kumaon (Himalaya occidental), Cahiers de Musiques Traditionnelles 14. Geneva. pp. 143-66.

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Internet sites

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