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Linguiste, Directrice de rechercher émérite au Langues et civilisations
à tradition orale
- LACITO (UMR7107)

Contact : mazaudon [at]

Martine Mazaudon went to the Himalayas for the first time in 1969 to study Tamang, a Tibeto-Burman language of Nepal, which was spoken in those days by half a million speakers. This language has been the object of continuous study over the years with the publication of a phonological analysis, and a grammatical sketch (Mazaudon M., 1973, 2003b), aimed at a complete description of the language.

The research she has been conducting with Boyd Michailovsky into Tibetan-Burman languages concerns other Nepalese languages : some close to Tamang and within the same family tree, several dialects of Thakali, Manangki, and of valleys and villages of Nar-Phu and Tangbe, other more remote languages, Hayu, Limbu, and Bahing. Further afield, geographically and genealogically speaking, she has studied Karen Pho, a language of Burma, with a native speaker in Paris, and Naga Angami with a group of collaborators under the supervision of J. A. Matisoff, assisted by a native speaker at Berkeley. She has also done research into the Naxi of China, and several languages of Bhutan, Dzongkha, Bumthang, as well as standard Tibetan.

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