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"Asie du Sud - Himalaya" (ASH) Workshop

on 5 October 2017 at 5.30 p.m., with Gérard Toffin (CEH)

This session (in French), co-organised by the Laboratoire d’Ethnologie et de Sociologie Comparative (LESC) and the Centre for Himalayan Studies (CEH), will take place at LESC in room 308 F. Our guest speaker is :



Cultures en mouvement. Mutations et réinvention des traditions artistiques au Népal / Cultures in movement. Mutations and reinvention of artistic traditions in Nepal

Gérard TOFFIN proposes three texts to prepare for the workshop:

1) Bangdel, Dina. "Packaging the Naked Buddhas. Authenticity, Innovation and Cultural Imaginings in the Tourist Art of Nepal", Ateliers d’Anthropologie, n°43, 2016, "L’habillage des choses de l’art", pp. 1-32.

2) Toffin, Gérard, "Jeu théâtral et acte rituel chez les Néwar du Népal.
Une introduction au théâtre néwar",

in Eve Feuillebois-Pierunek (ed.), Théâtres d’Asie et d’Orient. Traditions, rencontres, métissages. Bruxelles, P.I.E. Peter Lang ["Dramaturgies", 30], 2012, pp. 141-164.

3) Widdess, Richard. "Caryā: The Revival of a Tradition?", European Bulletin of Himalayan Research, 12-13, 1997, pp. 12-20.
Please find below the flyer for this workshop and the dates of the next sessions.

- You can also consult Gérard Toffin’s blog at