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Entretiens avec trois anciens directeurs de notre unité de recherche :

- Fernand Meyer (1995-2004)
- Gérard Toffin (1985-1994
- Corneille Jest (1968-1981)

Fernand Meyer, Himalayanist, 2016
An interview in Chengdu in November 2016, with Fernand Meyer talking about his life and work in the Himalayas. Filmed and interviewed by Alan Macfarlane and edited by Sarah Harrison

Gérard Toffin, Comprehensive view about Nepal (avril 2014)
This program is based on an interview with social anthropologist and ethnographer Dr. Gerard Toffin. He has been carrying out extensive field work in Nepal since 1970 and has published more than 10 books related to Nepal. He has taken part in various anthropological, social, political, ethnical undertakings. In 1985, he created the team ’Centre for Himalayan Studies in CNRS, where he was director until 1995.

Corneille Jest, Nepal Experience (mars 2014)
This program is based on leading French ethnological and socio-economic researcher Dr. Corneille Jest. It includes his brief biography and his research in Nepal. In an interview with Pramod Raj Sedhain in France, Jest explains his first entry to Nepal, his experience in the country, Nepal-related research, socio-economic change in the Nepali Himalayan region, condition of the populace living in harsh climatic conditions, Nepali monuments, among others.