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** "Corneille Jest" fieldwork/travel grant **

CEH is offering a fieldwork/travel grant to Master’s students in anthropology

As a host team for the doctoral school Milieux, cultures et sociétés du passé et du présent in Paris-Ouest University, the Centre for Himalayan Studies (CNRS-own research unit) welcomes each year a Master’s student and introduces them to research in the Himalayan cultural area (Nepal, India, China). CEH provides methodological, financial (€3,000) and logistical support for the ethnographic study which constitutes the Masters internship.

Students are encouraged to discuss a choice of topic in advance with CEH researchers. Preference is given to topics that are consistent with the research unit’s current areas of research (see below). The selected student will of course be able to continue these discussions to refine the choice of topic. After writing his/her thesis, the student will write a short fieldwork report and will be asked to present his/her work to members of CEH.
Suggested topics

- Standards and practices in the choice of matrimonial partners (in rural and / or urban areas)
- Territories and networks in a Himalayan locality : perceptions and practices
- "Missionary ethnographies", missionary archives in the Himalayas and on its margins
- Shamanism, orality, and modes of figuration
- Role of courts in disputes over natural resource management or animal welfare in South Asia
- Questions of ritual anthropology related to Himalayan or Tibetan fieldwork
- Anthropology of Buddhism : (optional) religious specialists ; specialists, laity and their relations ; institutions ; ritual life
- Museology, museography and patrimonialisation
- Anthropology of the city (Kathmandu, Leh)
- Involvement of Khumbu Buddhist monasteries in resource management, local governance and tourism
- Life stories of Tamang and Rai porters from Solu : working in the Gulf countries or in tourism in Khumbu ?
- Ethnography of the peoples of the Sino-Tibetan margins
- The return of elected officials : current changes in local governance in Nepal.
- North-East India : (choose) clearing, fairs and markets

Candidats must submit, from now to 15 February 2020, a 2-3 page draft on the chosen scientific topic, with some practical information : envisaged place(s) of enquiries, expected time and duration of fieldwork, and estimated budget. This should be sent to :

Nicolas Sihlé :
Philippe Ramirez :

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