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Contribution by François Jacquesson (CEH) : Le pronom : linguistique générale et typologie

in B. Colombat & A. Lahaussois (dir.), 2020, Histoire des Parties du discours, Peeters, coll. Orbis Supplementa 46, 271-284. ISBN 9789042939523
The book is dated 2019 but didn’t come out until 2020. 
Abstract of the volume

How to define the noun? What is a verb? Should a pronoun be made a separate category from a noun? Why is the article a recognised category only in some languages? At what point has the adjective been made a separate class of words? Can interjections be found in all languages? Are there universal word classes? Why does the number of parts of speech vary from one language to another?

- François Jacquesson, CEH

View online : Orbs Supplementa, 46