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Séminaire ANR RULNAT

mardi 25 janvier, 15h-17h


Séminaire de l’ANR RULNAT

Judiciariser la nature. Animaux et environnement au tribunal

Maria Sapignoli

Assistant Professor of anthropology, Université de Milan

Seeking Justice in (and beyond) the Court :
Indigenous Peoples and Conservation,
the Case of the Central Kalahari

Over the last few decades, more and more indigenous political disputes have ended up in court. Current literature on the experience of indigenous peoples in state courts tends to emphasize the concept and processes of litigation, and focus is on the claims-making process and/or the specific legal contest in which the struggles take place—in courts, international meetings, and mediation processes. This has left relatively little space for understanding what this process of juridification (increased use of the law) has created and what happens to peoples’ understanding and activation of their rights. In this presentation I will go beyond this focus on legal process by considering its aftermath in the longer term. What have been the consequences for peoples’ everyday lives of some of the classic judgments that have shaped state and international law on indigenous peoples ? In particular, I will look at the case of the San and Bakgalagadi peoples in the Central Kalahari Game Reserve in Botswana and the effects of different conservation and land use polices. I will also explore indigenous peoples’ land rights and activism in the context of “digital conservation,” particularly the use of drones, digital technologies, machine learning, and algorithmic models for environmental conservation, for the “war on poaching,” as well as community-based activism. 
Maria Sapignoli interviendra en vidéo-conférence
Merci de nous contacter pour obtenir le lien : (Daniela Berti, Vincent Chapaux, Vanessa Manceron, Sandrine Revet)

Page web du séminaire :