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Séminaire commun Berkeley - CNRS (CEH), 1er - 3 mars 2019

"New Directions in Himalayan Studies"
370 Dwinelle Hall
University of California, Berkeley


Himalayan Studies at UC Berkeley in partnership with the Centre d’études himalayennes (CEH) of the National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS) in France, and with funding support from the France Berkeley Fund, is proud to host a three-day workshop at UC Berkeley that brings together academics and graduate students from both institutions working on the Himalayan region in the Humanities and Social Sciences. The goal of this broadly configured workshop is to develop Himalayan Studies at UC Berkeley as well as explore specific forms of collaboration and lay the ground for developing research partnerships beyond.
- Agenda and abstracts

Conveners :

Alexander von Rospatt (UCB) and Stéphane Gros (CEH)

Speakers :

Kris Anderson (UCB)
Olivia Aubriot (CEH)
Zack Beer (UCB)
Daniela Berti (CEH)
Tracy Burnett (UCB)
Donagh Coleman (UCB)
Yoshika Crider (UCB)
Jake Dalton (UCB)
Ryan Damron (UCB)
Stéphane Gros (CEH)
Fernand Meyer (CEH)
Kunsang Namgyal-Lama (CEH)
John “Zim” Pickens (UCB)
Fabien Provost (CEH)
Caroline Sarrazin (CEH)
Nicolas Sihlé (CEH)
Joëlle Smadja (CEH)
Gérard Toffin (CEH)
Romain Valadaud (CEH)
Alexander von Rospatt (UCB)

Discussants :

Elizabeth Allison (CIIS)
Patricia Berger (UCB)
Lawrence Cohen (UCB)
David Germano (UVA)
David Gray (Santa Clara U)
Isha Ray (UCB)
Nicolas Sihlé (CEH)

Voir en ligne : New Directions in Himalayan Studies