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Just-India ANR Project (2009-2012)

Governance and Justice in South Asia: for an anthropology of judiciary cases

Numerous cases are registered every year in courts of law at different levels, as well as in state-sponsored or non-state village courts. The study follows two complementary approaches:

- entering into the details of verbal exchanges, of judiciary interactions and of power relationships which are displayed during the trial. The aim is to study how governance is concretely implemented in local society through the everyday practice of justice and its formalized proceedings.

- following the judiciary story of cases by relying on court records, on newspaper articles and on the collection of narratives from the people involved. While the study of legal documents allows a reconstruction of the legal reasoning of the case, people’s narratives and discourses provide the contextual story where the parties’ multiple points of view are embedded in social dynamics of solidarity or conflict.

This approach to governance via in-depth studies of court cases in all their multifaceted and socially contextualised complexity has not yet been applied systematically in South Asia.

The project has thus a twofold ambition, i.e. to improve our understanding of institutions in South Asia and to develop a reflection on methodological issues.

The project gathers some twenty seven scholars from different countries, all of them specialists of South Asia.

"Through the Lens of Law. Power and Society in India

Workshop organized by Daniela Berti, Gilles Tarabout and Raphaël Voix, 7-8 January 2013, EHESS (Réseau Asie), Paris

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